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“Bransky Law Group Changed My Life”

“I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to Sam and David for changing my life. I was in an awful marriage for 20 years and needed to get out without losing my home or my business. I hired Bransky Law Group on a referral from one of my lawyer clients who said they were the best in the business – and he was right. Sam and David guided me through the very complicated process, always explaining every step, our strategies and communicated every option. They kept us out of court by hiring a private judge to hear the matter and I walked out with both my house and my business. The outcome was so much better than I had even hoped for.

Recently I re-hired the firm to guide me through the process of terminating my alimony payments to my ex-husband. Once again, Bransky Law Group did an amazing job of helping me navigate the process and I am alimony free! Thanks to them.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sam and David on three occasions. Each one was handled professionally, reasonably and with great outcomes. Divorce is a terrible process, but if you are going through it I would highly recommend Bransky Law Group.”

“Handled My Divorce With Reason and Compassion”

“We brought Bransky Law Group in after two other firms had made a mess of things, cost a fortune, and created an atmosphere of hostility and stalemate. They reopened channels of communication with my soon-to-be-ex and his counsel, calmed everyone down, and actually steered us to an excellent mediator to close the deal. Their fees are reasonable and they are always available, clear and sympathetic. In fact, they were virtually the only people of either gender involved in this who were not patronizing or intimidating in any way. Being involved in a divorce is never pleasant, but if you want a fair, reasonable approach, Bransky Law Group is a great choice.”

Former Client

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the thought and work you put in on my divorce mediation. I am so thankful you are my team. You did an outstanding job of researching and understanding my complicated income situation. You did a super job communicating all aspects of the preparation and process and I cannot over praise. I really, really mean this, I cannot over praise the way you handled the interactions with the forensic, the mediator and the counsel for the other party in the preparation and the mediation hearings... and it was totally off the charts to see you work off your strengths and experience.

Thank you again for a job well done!”

Former Client

“Many years ago I hired Bransky Law Group to expedite a divorce that I did not want. They immediately put me at ease, handled all the mounds of paperwork, returned calls within minutes and were always prompt. They kept the divorce proceedings on track with their professional and business like manner. They kept costs to a minimum. Their kind, calm demeanor was especially helpful when they gently swayed me away from becoming too emotional. They said that my life would eventually be much better and it is. I remarried 5 years ago.

I highly recommend Bransky Law Group. They are fast, thorough and accurate, and will not let the costs add up. ”